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Po. Box J Highlands Tx 77562           45-5630690


What makes the Patriot Warrior Foundation unique?    

PWF provides recently wounded and injured service members, their families, and severely disabled veterans and first Responders the opportunity and skills to return to as active and healthy a lifestyle as possible. We discovered that the quicker a person returns to an active lifestyle the healthier they become both mentally and physically. By affording service members a break from an institutional medical routine, and engaging them in enjoyable outdoor activities, we can assist them to avoid or reduce depression. Simultaneously, these activities teach them to adapt and adjust to living with their disabilities. By partnering wounded/injured Veterans with other service members who have adapted to similar injuries, they understand that, despite some traumatic injury, one can lead a full, productive life.

Who can sign up to participate?

Wounded and injured Veterans and their families.    


note: PWF members own the adaptive equipment and has experience to handle a wide range of disabilities, including: Paraplegia, Quadriplegia, amputations (including multiple amputations), loss of vision(including total blindness), and Traumatic Brain injury. We have not yet found a disability PWF volunteers cannot overcome.  


What type of activities?

Hunting, fishing, and target shooting events    

How much does it cost?

WF conducts its events at no cost to the service member, providing all equipment, meals, ammunition, etc, including any adaptive equipment required.    


What if I need help getting there? Travel and lodging? PWF provides all food and lodging for these events to participating military personnel and their families.    

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