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US Vet Connect is a 100% free awareness platform.

Free to the charities & Free to the veterans finding their next adventure. 


US Vet Connect-Outdoor is bridging the gap between veterans and the outdoors. By providing a place to come together to find that military comradery in outdoor experiences.


The mission of US Vet Connect.com is simple: it is to raise awareness for organizations that have a direct impact on veterans’ lives and to make it as

user friendly as possible for the veterans to find their next adventure.


About a Travel Option:

Angel Wings for Veterans removes the barrier to medical care for Veterans, active duty service members and their families with transportation on the ground and in the air.


Angel Wings for Veterans provides wounded, ill and injured veterans and active duty service members along with their families with free travel to clinical care on the ground and in the air with gas cards, bus and train tickets, general aviation flights, and commercial airline tickets. We provide transportation to clinical care and a variety of therapies:

  • Medical treatment

  • PTS/TBI treatment

  • Rehabilitation

  • Service dog acquisition

  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

  • Counseling

  • Adaptive sports events

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Covid-19 Response

.org $$Veteran US Vet Connect Logo2024.p

We, as Americans, all face a new uncertain reality outside the safety of our homes,

sadly the new fears we all face did not erase the growing problem of

wide spread hunger across America.

Food bank shelves were bare before the COVID-19 crisis,

now donations have all but stopped as the demand has jumped in 400% in some areas.

CanTheCurb.com makes it safe, easy and convenient to support

your local food pantry or children's home.

Our Dream is to see the Can The Curb Food Drive become a national movement,

providing much needed food in communities coast to coast.

We are dedicated to supporting this movement by providing complete setup support

to any individual or organization wanting to help the cause.

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Operation: Rocking Down the Mississippi River

We created US Vet Connect Inc. and are a strong family nonprofit 501c3 with the vision to build a national organization bound by honor and pride, with the sole purpose of helping as many humans in need as possible, for as long as possible. US Vet Connect Inc launched the same month that covid19 hit in early 2020, we waited for things to get better but things only got worse. 

We knew we had to switch gears temporarily from our

adaptive lifestyle upgrades to potentially capturing

the hearts of Americans across our nation.


Did you know that veterans suicide has jumped over 20% during these covid lockdowns?


We have an official announcement:

Operation: Rocking Down The River is officially underway!! The journey in our 1987(new to me) 32ft Wellcraft St. Tropez down the river toward the Gulf of Mexico is in honor of veterans suicide prevention awareness month, September. As this month comes to a close US Vet Connect Inc is making the passage to hopefully inspire veterans to get out of their heads and find some adventure of their own. 


We started this journey on September 12, 2020. 

19 years and a day later, we have not forgotten!

Day 0: Launch in Hudson, WI

St. Croix marina

Total Miles: 0

Day 1

St. Croix Marina

(Hudson, WI) -

Treasure Island Marina

(Welch, MN)

Total Nautical Miles: 29.4 

Day 2

Treasure Island Marina

(Welch, MN)-

Wabasha Marina

(Wabasha, MN)

Total Nautical Miles: 38.9

Day 3

Wabasha Marina

(Wabasha, MN)- 

Dicks Marine

(Winona, MN)

Total Nautical Miles: 33.1

Day 4

Dicks Marine

(Winona, MN)- 

Pettibone Boat Club

(La Crosse, WI)

Total Nautical Miles: 29.4

Day 5

Pettibone Boat Club

(La Crosse, WI)-

McGregor city docks

(McGregor, IA)

Total Nautical Miles: 63.3


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