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The Queen Mary has been donated and accepted by our non-profit.  She is being refitted and recommissioned to "Caring for those who Care" by giving day lake tours of the Land Between the Lakes and recharge weekends for caregivers, first responders, and front-line workers.

This exciting project will include a full conversion to electric and solar panels. Bye, Bye old 454's.  It will be a full modernization that starts with a bottom job and ends with new electronics for this classic beauty.  She will be refitted to accommodate 8 people comfortably while on their RECHARGE TOUR.

The Queen Mary will be able to run on a weekly schedule with minimal operating costs and local volunteer captains. She will provide thousands of recharge experiences annually for the people who serve our communities the most.  

The Queen Mary will be an icon on Kentucky Lake for decades.  Please be a part of our CARING FOR THOSE WHO CARE campaign. 

On our 2020 tour of the Upper Mississippi River, for veterans suicide prevention awareness, over 700 nautical miles into the adventure we stopped at Kentucky Dam Marina.  We fell in love with Kentucky Lake, the Great Lake of the South.

We stopped at Kentucky Dam Marina for a needed rest and repairs.  There was a classic beauty, the Queen Mary. A 1978 Chris Craft Corinthian. A true gem.

She is a bit of an urban legend on the docks, as no one knew her full story except the Queen Mary was parked for 14 years in the same slip.... She needs a remodel but with your help, we can make this dream come true.

Please be a part of our CARING FOR THOSE WHO CARE campaign and consider giving to those that give. You can donate by clicking here:

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About a Travel Option:

Angel Wings for Veterans removes the barrier to medical care for Veterans, active duty service members and their families with transportation on the ground and in the air.


Angel Wings for Veterans provides wounded, ill and injured veterans and active duty service members along with their families with free travel to clinical care on the ground and in the air with gas cards, bus and train tickets, general aviation flights, and commercial airline tickets. We provide transportation to clinical care and a variety of therapies:

  • Medical treatment

  • PTS/TBI treatment

  • Rehabilitation

  • Service dog acquisition

  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

  • Counseling

  • Adaptive sports events

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