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PO Box 363, Stilwell, KS 66085

Serving All States.

What makes War Horses for Veterans unique?

War Horses for Veterans is the premier horsemanship, networking and personal growth program in the U.S. We are a Kansas City based nonprofit that brings combat veterans from across the country together in a safe and peaceful environment. War horses for Veterans helps veterans find the confidence, motivation and purpose they once had and inspire them to become leaders in their lives, communities and relationships.


Who can sign up to participate?

Combat Veterans and First Responders


What type of activity?

Equine-learn the basics of horsemanship while building lasting partnerships with other veterans from across the country.


How Much Does It Cost?

Free, There is no cost.


How long does activity last?

3-4 day programs


NOTE: Veterans may return as often as they like, as long as they bring another combat veteran.


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