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170 Century Blvd. Bartow, FL 33830 

What makes Operation Outdoor Freedom unique?   

Operation Outdoor Freedom provides recreational and rehabilitative opportunities to wounded veterans on state forests, agricultural lands and private lands throughout Florida at no cost

Who can sign up to participate?

"Wounded veterans Participation in the Operation Outdoor Freedom Program has been established for Florida residents, as defined in Section 379.101(30)(b), Florida Statutes, who are honorably discharged military veterans with either:

A service-connected disability rating of 30 percent

or  greater from the United States Department of Veteran Affairs

Or  Purple Heart recipient"  


What type of activities?

Recreational and rehabilitative opportunities

How much does it cost?    



How long does the activity last?

Typically a weekend or 2-3 days.


What if I need help getting there? travel and lodging? Travel to the event is on the veteran. All lodging, equipment and food is covered.

Where do i sign up to participate, what info is needed? Go to and register, then apply for the events that interest you.

Get connected with Operation Outdoor Freedom

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