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Honoring Our Veterans mission is to improve the quality of life for combat wounded veterans by offering them activities that strengthen their physical, cognitive, emotional,and social functioning.

What makes Honoring our Veterans unique?

Our programs are unique because of our location, and the significant level of community involvement and support our wounded warriors receive. Northwestern Wyoming is home to two National Parks, Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Year round outdoor recreational opportunities abound, and with 97% public land, there are few places that can match Jackson Hole for recreational therapy. Honoring Our Veterans matches these outdoor recreational opportunities with a community of dedicated instructors and guides who donate their time and expertise to help wounded warriors heal.

Who can sign up to participate?

Combat wounded veterans


What type of activities?

Photography Therapy Workshops

Women's Fly Fishing Therapy session

Men's Fly Fishing Therapy Session


How Much Does It Cost?

Free- Honoring Our Veterans covers the cost of airfare, transportation, lodging, meals, activities and equipment, so there is no cost to the wounded veteran.

How long does activity last?

One week retreat

Please fill out the application completely and obtain the required medical signatures before returning your application to either the mailing address or e-mail address:


Mailing Address:

7950 Cowboy Way

Jackson, WY 83001

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