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Servicing all States.

2437 N Booth St Milwaukee, WI 53212

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What makes Healing Warrior Hearts unique?

The Starfish Foundation, a 501c3 charitable organization, sponsors Healing Warrior Hearts and offers the programs at no cost to military veterans and their families.

Who can sign up to participate?

Veterans and their families,

Anyone who has served in US Military,

Civilians can sign up to staff a retreat.

What type of activities?

Art, Music, Retreats:

HEALING WARRIOR HEARTS: retreats for all veterans,




WARRIOR FAMILY HEART: retreats for couples,

advanced healing work for all veterans


Special-focus Healing Warrior Hearts retreat

How much does it cost?

Free to veterans and staff


How long does activity last?

The weekend retreat is designed to give participants an extended experience, from Friday evening through Sunday evening, however, this program is not residential. Participants will return home each evening (unless they have traveled from a distance, in which case we will help to provide lodging and transportation for the weekend).

The continuity of the three days allows for a deeper experience of connection and emotional safety.

Do you have a calendar of events?

What does a Healing Warrior Hearts retreat look like?

Retreats are small to provide quality, individualized attention – maximum of 10 participants and a staff of two leaders, and at least one staff person as a mentor  for each participant plus several logistics staff


We gather on Friday evening at 7pm to get to know each other and set intentions for the retreat. Saturday morning we start at 9 am, spending the day hearing the stories of participants and honoring their willingness to do the emotional healing work. On Sunday, we start at 9 am and focus on closure for the story and setting intentions for positive future, with a graduation ceremony at 5pm.


Local participants return home each evening (ending times vary based on the number of participants in the retreat). Participants who travel into the retreat city will stay at a near-by hotel. Lodging expenses are covered by the sponsoring organization.

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