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Cover 6 Outdoors

Fort Worth, Texas   




What makes Cover 6 Outdoors unique?

Cover 6 Outdoors strives to instill a sense of honor, hope and pride by reintroducing Veterans to the elusive camaraderie and brotherhood that is hard to find once we have left the military and by embracing the morals and virtues that we value as veteran or current service members. 


Who can sign up to participate?

Veterans and Combat Veterans and their dependents


What type of activities?

(1) Guided Hog Hunts

(2) Guided Whitetail Deer Hunts

(3) Guided Dove Hunts

(4) Guided Quail Hunts

(5)Guided Duck Hunts

(6) Guided Fishing Trips

(7) Hiking

(8) Canoeing

(9) Kayaking

(10) Camping

(11) Skeet Shooting

(12) Shooting Competitions

Note:All Veterans and dependents participating in any hunting or fishing will be required to show proper licensing and hunter’s safety course certificates for the state of Texas.


How Much Does It Cost?

Free of charge to Veterans and their dependents in order to give them a chance to break free from the stress and anxiety caused by PTSD, TBI, marital issues and numerous other life challenges that come with reintegration.


Do you have a calendar of events for the rest of 2020?


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