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632 Fogg Street, #8 Nashville, TN 37203

We hold retreats in NY, VA, AZ, TN,TX and CO.



What makes SongwritingWith:Soldiers unique?

Our mission at SongwritingWith:Soldiers is to use collaborative songwriting to build creativity, connections and strengths.


What type of activities?


SongwritingWith:Soldiers uses songwriting as a catalyst for positive change. We offer our participants a unique way to tell their stories, rebuild trust, release pain, and forge new bonds. In SW:S retreat and workshop settings, service members are paired with professional songwriters to craft songs about their experiences, often about combat and the return home. Through their songs, participants rediscover their creativity and reconnect with family, friends, and communities. The songs are recorded and shared through CD's, concerts, and social media in order to bridge the divide between military and civilian communities, and build awareness of the challenges faced by our returning service members.

Songwriting – In workshop and retreat settings, veterans work collaboratively with professional songwriters to transform their experiences of combat and the transition home into songs. We supplement these sessions with creativity workshops—on photography, videography, cooking, and more—designed to nurture strengths and skills, as well as forge community. Our unique approach sparks individual renewal on multiple fronts. All songs are professionally recorded on-site and participants are registered as co-writers with ASCAP (Association of Composers, Authors, and Publishers). 

Connections – After retreats, SW:S participants receive lyric books, DVDs and CDs of their songs. These lasting artifacts serve as a source of pride and a means of reconnecting with family, friends, and communities. Our program sustains post-retreat growth with private retreat group calls, online SW:S forum and a quarterly teleclass (Creativity Calling) featuring songwriters, visual artists, chefs, and other special guests. Many participants return to volunteer at future events. The healing ripples outward.

How long does the activities last?

The retreat typically runs from Friday afternoon to Sunday Afternoon. The Songwriting sessions themselves vary but normally last around 2-3hrs.


How Much Does It Cost?

Free-Our retreats are free for the participants and their guest

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