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Pennsylvania Outdoor Veterans

Call 484-629-5454

P.O. Box 274 Lehighton, PA 18235
Serving Pennsylvania (At this time)

What makes Pennsylvania Outdoor Veterans unique?
The mission of Pennsylvania Outdoor Veterans is to reduce veteran suicide through the healing nature and camaraderie developed during outdoor activities such as camping, hunting and fishing. It has been documented that reconnecting with nature has a strong healing effect on those that have been traumatized by combat and other life shattering events. Nature is not just a backdrop for health and healing activities, but rather a vital part of the healing process.

Who Can Sign Up to Participate? :
Veterans, Veteran Families, Gold Star Families and Veteran Caregivers

How much does it cost to participate:
No cost to any veteran, veteran families, Gold Star Families and Veteran Caregivers

What kind of activities are offered by the organization?:
Outdoor Recreational Therapy,
Weekend Retreats

How long do the activities last? :
Typically one day or a weekend

Get Connected with Pennsylvania Outdoor Veterans

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