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Abled Veterans Outdoors

Call 912-674-7909

5011 Gate Parkway, Suite 100, Building 100, Jacksonville, Fl 32256

What makes Abled Veterans Outdoors Unique?
Abled Veterans Outdoors focuses on empowering Veterans with life skills and opportunities to connect with the community.

Who Can Sign Up to Participate?:

How much does it cost to participate:

What kind of activities are offered by the organization?:
Charter Fishing- Veterans and their families = half-day charters at no cost to the Veteran

Warrior Arts-3-month commitment -This program focuses on the benefits of martial arts and mindfulness. We provide all membership costs and private sessions throughout the curriculum

Golfing- Every first Friday of the month, Mortgage Solutions Financial of Jacksonville, Florida hosts AVO at Amelia National Golf Course.

Community Connection- This allows Veterans to connect with community leaders, supporters, and fellow Veterans.

How long do the activities last?:

Where do the veterans sign up to participate?

Get Connected With Abled Veterans Outdoors

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