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 P.O. Box 49181 Colorado Springs, CO 80949                                   

What makes Dragonfly Retreats unique?

Dragonfly Retreats offers a program designed to help you sharpen the tools you have already learned as well as gain a few new tools. No matter where your trauma(s) originated from or how intense your symptoms are, no matter your age or what war you may have been in, we have a retreat to fit your needs.


Who can sign up to participate?

Veterans suffering with symptoms of anxiety and depression due to traumatic events    


What type of activity?

Holistic therapeutic retreats,  We will help veterans accomplish their healing goals through events like canoeing, archery, a ropes course, animal therapy and a meditative labyrinth.   


How Much Does It Cost?    


How long does the activity last?

5 days    

Do you have a calendar of future events?



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