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 PO Box 627 Libby, MT 59923


What makes Camp Patriot unique?

Camp Patriot will offer a number of different programs specially designed to challenge our veteran guest to focus on their unique abilities. Our guests are offered professional instruction and support so that they may quickly adapt and overcome every challenge. 

On-the-Ranch Programs: 

  • Homesteading: Hobby Garden Cultivation, Egg and Honey Production, Canning, and Animal Husbandry

  • Back-country Horse, Mule and Hiking Adventures 

  • ATV Adventures 

  • Snow Machine Adventures 

  • Snow Shoe & Cross Country Skiing Adventures

  • Trail Running & Hiking

  • Float Boat and Lake Fishing 

  • Archery Program 

Off-the-Ranch Programs:



Who can sign up to participate?

wounded and disabled military veterans of all generations. helping disabled veterans from, “drive in” states like WA, ID and vets from within MT.

How Much Does It Cost?


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