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What makes Walk on Water Outdoors Unique?

Walking On Water Outdoors is a ministry that aims to Serve our community thru hunting and fishing in Jesus Name. We host many events and trips throughout the year free of charge to Americas Real Hero's - Our Veterans. Come with us as we Serve our community and follow the one true guide in life - Jesus, whether by land, boat or walking on water.

Who can sign up to participate?


What type of activity?

Ice Fishing, Hunting and Fishing

How long does the activity last?

Most of our events last 1 day.


Where to do I sign up to participate, what info is needed?

Events are posted on our Facebook page 'Walking On Water Outdoors'. There you will find information on the events as well as sign up and any other info regarding transportation.


What if i need help getting there?

We provide on ice transportation at all winter events.

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