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4430 River Road

Bozeman, MT 59718

What makes The Serenity Program unique?

The Serenity Ranch’s mission is to assist women with programs designed to create a safe environment to help facilitate a positive relationship with our 42 rescued horses, when battling  PTSD, trauma, abuse and the addictions that can result.


Who can sign up to participate?

Female Veterans, Female Spouses of Veterans,

Female Law Enforcement Officers,

Spouses of Law Enforcement Officers,

Grieving Women,

Families of Veterans and Law Enforcement Officers,

Women Experiencing or Living With Trauma,

Abused Women.

- Each program group will have one thing in common; background. Veterans will be grouped together, as well as Spouses and Law Enforcement Officers. We will not be mixing backgrounds for individual programs!


What type of activities?



How Much Does It Cost?

The program was at no cost to the participants; flights, food, transportation to our facility and board covered completely by our non profit. 


How long does activity last?

A week long program.

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