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 8024 Winnsboro Rd, Blythewood, SC 29016 

What makes the BRBR unique?
The Big Red Barn Retreat is unique because they provide transformative, non-clinical services and programs to help our Veterans thrive and live the life they desire.  Nestled on 75 acres, the Big Red Barn Retreat offers a rural setting with plenty of outdoor space offering a natural environment in which to find peace and healing.

Who can sign up to participate?
All veterans and active duty members and their families.

What type of activities?
The Big Red Barn Retreat offers yoga, tai chi, healing art, art & music therapy, gardening, equine-assisted therapy, and peer-to-peer combat veteran support groups.  In addition, the Big Red Barn Retreat is one of only nine locations across the United States that offer the Warrior PATHH program. Warrior PATHH is a transformative, lifelong, Posttraumatic Growth-based training program for combat veterans and first responders. The training begins with a 7-day on-site initiation that is followed by 18 months of training delivered by our instructors through our myPATHH platform

How much does it cost? 
Free to participants

How long does activity last?
The length of our activities depends on the activity. For more information, check out our website 



What if I need help getting there?
The Big Red Barn Retreat will try their best to accommodate to the needs to those requiring special assistance. Please contact our Executive Director (information below) to discuss accommodations. 


Travel and lodging?
The Big Red Barn Retreat is located 10 minutes off of Exit 24 in Blythewood, South Carolina. There are several hotels located right off of Exit 24. 


For more questions, check our the social media or contact Sutton Shaw, Executive Director, at (803) 767-7193.

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