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5007 Stone Road, Rockville, MD 20853



What makes Team River Runner unique?

To provide all veterans and their families an opportunity to find health, healing, community purpose and new challenges through adventure and adaptive paddle sports.

Who Can Sign Up to Participate?:

All veterans, active duty and family members

How much does it cost to participate:


What kind of activities are offered by the organization?:

all paddle sports: kayaking, Stand Up Paddleboards, rafting, canoeing...any other paddle sports

How long do the activities last?:

Each clinic, chapter level paddling program, or special paddle sessions vary in length

Where do the veterans sign up to participate?:

Go to the Chapters section on their website;

contacts are in following link:

Chapters – Team River Runner


Does the organization have a calendar of events?:

 Each Chapter has it's own calendar of paddling sessions or events.

TRR is not event based, but lifestyle programming

Location & Contact info

Prescott, Arizona= 

Central Arkansas, Arkansas=

North Arkansas=

South Alabama, Alabama=

American River, CA=

Palo Alto, CA=

San Diego, California=

Denver, Colorado=

Colorado Springs, Colorado=

Fort Collins, Colorado=

Grand Junction, Colorado=

Buena Vista /Salida. Colorado= 

Washington, DC= 

St. Augustine Florida= alexandre.maitre!

Atlanta, GA=

Fort Benning, GA=

Perry Georgia=

Boise, Idaho=

Chicago, IL=

SOIL Illinois=

Des Moines, Iowa=

Lexington, KY=

Louisville, KY=

Pike County, Kentucky=

Walter Reed Medical Center, MA=

Perry Point VA, MA=

Southern Maryland=

University of Maryland, Maryland=

Battle Creek Michigan=

Duluth, MN=

Minneapolis, Minnesota=

St. Louis, Missouri=

Bozeman, Montana=

Asheville, NC=

Charlotte, NC=

Pineland (Ft.Bragg), NC=

Smoky Mountains, NC=

Wilmington, NC=


Four Corners, NM=

Northeast Ohio=

Oklahoma City, OK=

Bend, OR=

Portland, Oregon=

Lehigh Valley, PA=

Ohiopyle, PA=

Southeast, PA=

Susquehanna Valley, PA=

Columbia, SC=

Clemson, SC=

Greenville, SC=


Clarksville, TN=

Ft. Campbell, TN=

Chattanooga, TN=

Johnson City, TN= 

Memphis, Tennessee=

San Marcos, Texas= 

Salt Lake City, Utah=  

Fort Belvoir, Virginia=

Fredericksburg, Virginia=

Seattle, Washington=

Spokane, Washington=

New River Gorge, WV=

Shepherd, West Virginia=

Green Bay, Wisconsin=

Milwaukee, Wisconsin=

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