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To empower veterans to see the world through a different lens using positive imagery and the art of photography.​

What makes Task Force: ISO unique?  

We are the only veteran non-profit in the country that uses the Art of Photography to create positive images of our fellow veterans, teaches it as a tool for self-discovery and uses our connections to build the veteran community.

Who can sign up to participate?

Veterans, caretakers, and significant others

What type of activity?


How much does it cost?


How long does activity last?

Our SUPPORT Photography Class lasts for 4 weeks and only in Colorado (for now).  We execute our professional IMAGING across the country depending on which non-profits invite us to photograph their events.

What if I need help getting there? Travel and lodging? 

Taskforce iso classes are for Colorado residents only. Travel is up to the participant.

Where do I sign up to participate?  

Applications for the SUPPORT Program typically go live 2 months prior to start of the course.

Do you have a calendar of future events?

All of educational events are posted on our website and on our calendar:

And our photography are posted on our event calendar:

Get connected with Task force: ISO

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