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 PO Box 8519 Bartlett, IL 60103

Serving any veterans in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Florida


What makes Take A Vet Fishing unique? 

TAKE A VET FISHING was created to give back to those who serve our great nation every day. The mission is simple, to show these men and women how much they mean to us. Our slogan is "A day of giving back" and that is the core of our mission. When our brave service men and women return from overseas, as a nation, we have been failing to show these heroes our appreciation. A shockingly high number of service members are returning with injuries and even the soldiers without physical wounds, are having a hard time adjusting back to the "real world". These "hero's" have given so much of themselves to defend our nation. Reaching out and offering a "thank you" with a hand shake, is the very least we should do. At Take a Vet Fishing, we take it a step further. Not only do we show these heroes our gratitude and shake their hand, we hand them a fishing rod!

Who can sign up to participate?

Any veteran who served in any conflict.


What type of activity?

Half day guided fishing followed by ceremonies and free raffles


How long do activities last?


How Much Does It Cost?


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