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5460 SW Dolph Drive, Oregon

States that they service: Oregon, Washington


Call: 503-704-1842

Take A Soldier Fishing has a chapter in Portland Oregon where they founded the organization.


Another chapter is located in the Salem/Eugene area and is labeled Take A Veteran Fishing Oregon on Facebook.


What makes Take a Soldier Fishing unique?


They assist communities at large to show their support for veterans and active-duty military by sponsoring our Take A Soldier/Veteran Fishing events. These events honor our active-duty military and veterans for their service to our nation and illustrate that our communities appreciate their sacrifice. Volunteers that support their fishing programs help make profound differences in active service members or veterans' lives by providing a safe and positive outdoor experience.


They strive to serve all veterans and active-duty military of all abilities and life situations. Our intention is to leave every veteran and active service member who participates in our events with a memorable experience that gives them pride in wearing their uniform, provides hope for their future, and a general positive outlook.


Who can sign up to participate?

Any veteran or any active duty military personnel from any branch of the US armed services.

What type of activities?

Free day of fishing including breakfast, lunch, and dinner depending on the event time and location.


How much does it cost?

Cost of a fishing license. Everything else is free. Day fishing license is provided for those who cannot afford to purchase one.

How long does the activity last?  

Typically one day. Some events may have camping sites provided and may include an overnight stay prior to the event.

Do you have a calendar of events of future events?   Go to


Portland Oregon go to


and Eugene Oregon go to

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