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213 BOYLSTON ST Brookline, MA

What makes the Tactical Reintegration Project unique?

The Mission:
At Tactical Reintegration Project (TRP), our team of veterans has developed a program designed to assist active service members leaving the armed service. To include veterans and gold star families that have an outdoor enthusiasts mindset. With a vision to inspire and create personal growth, we will lead a community-based program that is the first of its kind in helping these brave warriors and family members, that have done so much for this grateful nation, to bridge the gap back into everyday life.

The Vision:
Tactical Reintegration Project (TRP), will achieve this by utilization of highly accredited diving organization and their programs for scuba diving & free-diving. At our core of the operation, we will provide superior leadership giving a uniquely compelling experience in all avenues in diving. Through our members, various volunteers and donations, we were able to create a nonprofit foundation to provide these services. TRP is committed to only partnering with other organization that shares our core belief.

What type of activities?

Scuba Diving

Who can sign up to participate?

Active service members leaving the armed service.

To include veterans and gold star families.


How Much Does It Cost?


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