124 Country Rd 73 Ojo Sarco, NM 87521

What makes RegainingBalance unique?

We welcome women veterans with PTSD to a deeply peaceful, very quiet retreat environment

 in northern NM; Mountain Gate shares a boundary with the Carson National Forest.   The retreats are small—a maximum of eight women are accepted to each retreat.  And no one is asked to tell their story.  


What type of activities?

In the four days of the main retreat program, each day a different tool that we can use to de-stress and bring some balance back into our lives is taught.  As well, twice a day we have the opportunity to practice a very grounding mindfulness breath practice.  Following the morning mindfulness practice there is a short period of special yoga taught by a woman veteran who has been through our programs and is trained in Restorative Yoga and Yoga for Traumatized People.  Each day as well brings a midmorning walk on a private trail through the forest. There is also ample unstructured time in the schedule for rest, reading, and getting to know each other if we wish to. 


This year, at the request of one of the women veterans who had attended several of our retreats, we added an Advanced RegainingBalance Retreat for Women Veterans with PTSD.  We will add that to our 2020 schedule as well.

How Much Does It Cost?

The retreats are free.

How long does activity last?      

Twenty minutes of mindfulness meditation twice daily; the length of the walk in the forest depends on the physical abilities of those in each retreat; the tool teaching—from 2 pm each day except the last—is approximately an hour, but can go longer if people have questions or would like to keep it going.

What if I need help getting there? Travel and lodging?

Unfortunately we do not have the resources to provide other travel expenses or lodging outside of the retreat location. We are able to pick women up from Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos.

Where do I sign up to participate? 

Download the application form from the website, fill it in and get the required signatures,

and email or snail mail it in:

124 County Rd 73, Ojo Sarco NM 87521

or RegainingBalance@gmail.com.  

Do you have a calendar of future events?

Our final retreat for 2019 is from September 25-29; we do not have our 2020 calendar up yet, but all retreats are offered during the warmer months so as not to have challenges with winter weather.

What if I have more questions? Who can I contact directly?       

You can call 505-218-7836.  Because we receive so many spam and robocalls, please leave a message with your name and contact information and any questions; we’re delighted to hear from you and we will call you back as soon as possible!


Or you can email us:   regainingbalance@gmail.com

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