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124 Country Rd 73 Ojo Sarco, NM 87521

Serving all states, Any with women veterans suffering from PTSD

What makes RegainingBalance unique?

 Our mission is to help women veterans diagnosed with PTSD learn and practice skills that they can use to help reduce post-traumatic stress.  


Who can sign up to participate?

Anyone diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress can sign up with the Okay of their mental and physical health care providers.

What type of activities?

A special, grounding, mindful breath meditation is taught and practiced twice each day.


As well, there is a daily walk on a trail in our adjacent Carson National Forest, and each day a new tool for balance and de-stressing is taught in the four days of the retreat.


There is also ample free time for getting to know other vets or reading in our library or simply being. Each morning between the end of the short meditation period and breakfast, restorative yoga/yoga for traumatized persons is taught when our special yoga teacher—a vet with PTSD herself—is available; other grounding exercises such as stretching or tai chi preliminary exercises are also taught when appropriate teachers are available.

How Much Does It Cost?

The retreats are free and non-sectarian.

How long does activity last?      

The retreats are 4 ½ days long; the morning and evening meditation is 20-30 minutes long, the nature walks in the forest are approximately 30-45 minutes and proceed at speeds depending on the conditioning of the participants, and the tool teachings are approximately 1-2 hours in length. There is also plenty of private/free time built in to the schedule.

What if I need help getting there? Travel and lodging?

Unfortunately we do not have the resources to provide other travel expenses or lodging outside of the retreat location. We are able to pick women up from Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos.

Where do I sign up to participate? 

To sign up, go to and download the application form, or copy this link into your browser: Fill out the application completely, have the appropriate care providers sign off, and mail the completed forms to:

Mountain Gate/RegainingBalance, 124 County Rd 73, Ojo Sarco NM 87521

Do you have a calendar of future events?

Our final retreat for 2019 is from September 25-29; we do not have our 2020 calendar up yet, but all retreats are offered during the warmer months so as not to have challenges with winter weather.

At the moment, due to COVID restrictions, we do not have a calendar of events. Once it becomes safe to hold the retreats again, a current brochure will be available for download and will give the schedule for the year. We hope to begin offering retreats again in the summer of 2022


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