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What makes Mustang 2nd Chance Foundation unique?:
Their mission is to provide a resource for the ever-growing demand for professional assistance in mitigating the damaging effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) suffered by military veterans, law enforcers, firefighters and EMT responders. Equine Therapeutic Programs (ETPs) are supervised by professional equestrian instructors who teach wounded veterans and first responders how to interact, react, and care for a horse.

Who Can Sign Up to Participate?:
Veterans, and Volunteers of any kind.

How much does it cost to participate:
We do not charge, we run off donations only

What kind of activities are offered by the organization?:
What is Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy? (EAP)
In Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy, EAP, horses act as transitional objects for participants. The horses and activities in the arena can mirror what is going on in someone’s life. For example: A client observes, “There’s a split in the herd – just like me and my family. The donkey is wreaking havoc - just like my teenager at home , PTSD or alcohol!”. Then together, we brainstorm possible solutions and then actually try them out in the arena with the animals, then in ordinary life. Seasoned therapists estimate it takes only 1 hour of EAP to do 10 hours of talk therapy. Recent research has shown improvement in marital problems and conflict resolution, as well as significant reduction in diagnosed and un-diagnosed PTSD.

Mustang 2nd Chance Foundation in Lorena Texas, will be applying for a grant from the Texas Veterans Commission to provide equine-assisted therapies for veterans and their families. This project is wholistic , involving physical, neurological, and also the relational aspects of transitioning from active duty to civilian life. The Board will meet in weekly sessions Friday and/or Sunday afternoon-evening appointments via Virtual meetings. The first 6 weeks, participants will interact naturally, on foot, with horses in an arena, in activities facilitated by an equine-specialist and therapist. The last 4 weeks, participants will experience Therapeutic Horseback Riding, THR, facilitated by PATH certified instructors.

How long do the activities last?:
any length

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