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What makes Operation Surf unique? 

Operation Surf seeks to not just change our participants week but change their lives. We pair our each of Veteran and Active-Duty Military with a professional surf instructor for an entire week to receive one on one instruction and top professional care.      


Who can sign up to participate? 

Operation Surf serves wounded and Active-Duty military that meet our program requirements.    

What type of activity? 

We provide curriculum-based surf programs that channel the healing powers of the ocean to restore hope, renew purpose, and revitalize community. 

How Much Does It Cost? 

Our programs are at no cost to our participants.             

How long does the activity last? 

Our programs are each a week-long, located in Santa Cruz, Huntington Beach, and Central Coast of California.    


What if I need help getting there? Travel and lodging? We cover all travel and lodging for our participants from the generous donations of our sponsors.  

Where to do I sign up to participate, what info is needed? You can apply for our programs through our website OperationSurf.org, under each location, applications are only open for a set time for each location. 

Do you have a calendar of future events? 



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