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 PO Box 3220 Evergreen CO 80437​


What makes Motorcycle relief Project unique?

Motorcycle Relief Project (MRP) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Evergreen, Colorado. The vision for Motorcycle Relief Project was born when our founder, Tom Larson, began learning about PTSD and the incredible toll it was taking on military veterans and first responders. Although not a veteran, Tom had been through treatment for trauma in his own life. Tom was struck by how mild his own trauma had been relative to what combat trauma would be like, and yet he understood how disabling his own trauma was for him at times. Aware of how therapeutic it was to get on his motorcycle and ride when he needed to relax and blow off some steam, Tom couldn't help but think that taking veterans with PTSD and other injuries on motorcycle adventure trips could be a great way of helping them decompress, learn some tools for managing stress, and connect with other veterans with whom they may have something in common.


Who can sign up to participate?

Must have motorcycle licence

Veterans and first responders with PTSD and other related issues


What type of activity?

Motorcycle relief rides 


How Much Does It Cost?


Get connected with Motorcycle Relief Project

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