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1445 Weaver Road

Belgrade, MT 59714


Heroes and Horses is a Montana-based nonprofit organization that has created an innovative, three-phase reintegration program, which is offered to qualifying combat veterans (at no cost to them) suffering from PTSD. Our program utilizes the remote wilderness of Montana, coupled with human and horse connections, to challenge and inspire personal growth in veterans suffering from mental and physical scars.

What makes Heroes and Horses unique?

Many of the existing programs offered to veterans suffering from PTSD fail when it comes to rehabilitating these individuals in a realistic and sustainable way.  The available solutions, many of which include the over-prescribing of medications and shielding from stress-inducing situations, is short-sighted and does not get to the root of the issue. Our veteran program does not provide a short cut, and it does not give you an easy way out. But, what it does give you is the resources and direction to create lasting change. Is it challenging? Yes. Is it intense? Absolutely. And, perhaps most importantly, our program mandates that you look within yourself to rediscover your inner-strength, confidence, and purpose.

Who can sign up to participate?

MALE ONLY combat veterans, although we will consider all types of United States veterans.


What type of activity?

Equine retreat in Montana


How much does it cost?



How long does the activity last?

40 consecutive days long

What if I need help getting there? Travel and lodging?

We provide travel and lodging for the participants.

Do you have a calendar of future events?

Get connected with Heroes and Horses 

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