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located in Tri-Cities area WA 


What makes Friends of Disabled Veterans unique?        

Friends of Disabled Veterans supports disabled veterans by offering a place where they can enjoy indoor activities and outdoor adventures with their family and friends. This is an environment of support, appreciation and respect. The goal is to help disabled veterans feel completely accepted and included in a fun, relaxing environment. As part of our program, we take disabled veterans, along with a family member or friend, on local hunts. We have acquired access to private land from landowners who wanted to give back to our disabled veterans who have given so much for us and our country. Our members have helped design and create unique scissor lifts on trailers that our veterans use to reach heights up to 20 feet, allowing them to view the surrounding area for their hunt. 

Who can sign up to participate?

Disabled veterans and their families    


What type of activities?

Atv, archery, hunting, equine, gardening


How Much Does It Cost?    


How long does activity last?    

weekend retreats


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