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190 Escoheag Hill Rd

Servicing New England, East Coast & Beyond.

What makes Beyond the Battle unique? 

Beyond the Battle's Mission is to provide opportunities for individuals to escape their personal battles through outdoor adventures and financial support.

Beyond the Battle™ is 100% donation funded with no paid employees and low cost of operating therefore allowing us to do more for our Veteran Community.


What type of activities?

Hunting, Fishing (fresh & saltwater), Clay Shooting & Archery

How long does the activity last? 

This varies depending on the activity,

they range from a half day to a full week


What if I need help getting there? Travel and lodging?

All expenses are paid (we do not compensate for gas,

or driving miles to the activities)


Where do I sign up to participate, what info is needed?, if selected, we require a DD214 and will require a background check if the activity requires use of a firearm.


Do you have a calendar of future events? 

We do not have a calendar; however, we do post upcoming events on our Facebook page and we also send out email notifications. To get on the email list, you'll be prompted when visiting the website.    

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