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375 S. Main St. #115 Moab, UT.  84532

AdventureVet (ADV) brings male and female veterans from all branches of service and from all over the United States to Moab, Utah. ADV is a place for veterans to reconnect with other veterans, participate in the many activities we have to offer, engage in peer to peer discussions and vocational training, explore the vast wilderness and national parks, and relax and experience physical and mental healing in these serene, beautiful, unique surroundings.

What makes Adventure Vet unique?

We provide veterans with street and dual purpose motorcycles (modified when needed), trikes and sidecars specifically designed for amputees and paraplegics for Motorcycle Therapy excursions. Additionally we provide UTV/ATVs (side by side and all terrain vehicles) for off-road excursions.

Who can sign up?

Wounded and amputee combat veterans


What type of activity?

Motorcycle & Recreational Therapy, equine


How Much Does It Cost?



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