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Adrenaline Jobs

Calling all thrill-seekers! If you're on the hunt for a job that gets your heart pumping and ignites your soul with excitement, look no further! But beware, these gigs aren't for the faint of heart. You'll need lightning-fast reflexes, nerves of steel, and the ability to handle high-pressure situations like a boss. While these jobs offer a thrilling ride, they also require serious skills and training. So, if you're ready to take the leap, do your homework and make sure you're ready to tackle the adventure head-on.

powerlines pic.png
High Voltage Powerline Repair

Three hundred and eighty thousand volts, that's a job with juice my friend.

High voltage power is an invisible fire breathing Dragon that can be tamed with the right touch. You can learn to touch the dragon and come away with an exciting, challenging new carrier that pays what it should, to those who dare. Many good schools offer lineman training, below you will find links to the top rated schools in America, and that means the world. 

Southeast Lineman training center
Northwest Line JATC
Spokane Community College
Lineman Institute of the Northeast

Find Top Rated Schools...

Odessa College
State Technical College of Missouri
Northwest Lineman College
North american lineman training center mcewen tn.png
Alaska Electrical Apprenticeship
Private Investigator

Private investigators are split evenly between men and women both averaging around 87K per year. Having a prior background in law enforcement surely helps, but it is certainly not required. Curious, nosy, sneaky these are all traits that make a great investigator, learn the rest with the links below.

Find Top Rated Schools...

Penn Foster
Michigan State
Rasmussen University
University Of Virginia
anntenna pic.png
Radio & Television Antenna Technician

Calling all tech-savvy folks! Radio and television antennas can't install, repair or maintain themselves, so we need the superhero skills of antenna technicians to keep the signal flowing. With a background in electronics and telecommunications, along with razor-sharp problem-solving skills and a hawk-eye for detail, these technicians ensure top-notch broadcasting.

Find Top Rated Schools...

Gravitec Systems
Comtrain USA
Technical rescue Systems
UB Technical College
Rodeo clown 5.png
Rodeo Clown

It obviously helps, but you do not have to be a cowboy to be a rodeo clown. Rodeo clowns not only distract bulls to save cowboys, but the most successful clowns making on average $65000 per year, are great performers, entertaining crowds of thousands and having a blast doing it. Great physical fitness, Nerves of steel, and moves like a gazelle are just a few of the obvious requirements but on-the-job training at junior rodeos might be the path for you. If you think a little training is the way to go then do your research, pick a quality training program, and pay attention during training; mistakes on the job can get you the horn. 

Find Top Rated Schools...

Bull Fighting School Houston
Bull School
Abrahamson Rodeo Company
Rodeo clown Bandera Texas
stunt driver.png
Stunt Driver

No bs friends; you can be a movie stunt driver and get paid to do it!

Yes! There are jobs available right now for professionally trained drivers, and action stunt doubles in Hollywood and across America. Action, action, action, and on average, $50,000 per year

Find Top Rated Schools...

Bobby Ore Motorsports
Motion Picture Driving Clinic
Wagon Train Productions
usa stuntmens.png
powerline tech pic.png
Tower and Wire Technicians

These tower and wire wizards are the ones who keep our world connected! They're the masters of installing, fixing, and maintaining all the tech that beams our data, voice, and videos. These rockstars take on intense training, get certified in electrical systems, safety protocols, and wireless sorcery. But, amidst all the challenges, they get to work outdoors, globetrot, and play a vital role in our communication infrastructure. How cool is that?!

Find Top Rated Schools...

UB Technical College
Gravitec Systems
Technical rescue Systems
Comtrain USA
Wind Turbine Technician 

Wind turbine wizards are the all-in-one experts when it comes to these towering eco-machines. They don't just install and mend, but also handle complex electrical and mechanical puzzles with specialized tools and gear.

Find Top Rated Schools...

Comtrain USA
Gravitec Systems
UB Technical College
Technical rescue Systems

There are some adrenaline junky jobs that take intense on-the-job training, no classrooms, no online courses, and a steep learning curve. With that said, here are some jobs that will scratch the need and fill your bank account.


1.) High Rise Window Washer \

2.) Alaska Fisherman (Aleutian Islands Alaska)

3.) Invasive Python Removal (Florida Everglades)

4.) Amusement Park Ride Tester (nationwide)

5.) Smoke Jumper (Western States)

6.) Acrobat ( Las Vegas, New York, etc..)

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