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What makes Adrenaline For Vets Inc. (AFV) unique? 

Adrenaline For Vets Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides fun and exciting trips for veterans. AFV also creates a platform for all veterans to link together and break through mental health challenges.

Who can sign up to participate?

Veterans- Anyone can recommend a veteran for a trip. It can be a veteran individually reaching out or it can be a third party requesting a trip for veterans.


What type of activities?

Skydiving, jet-skis, and horseback riding.

Activities can be anything that specifically helps a veteran get out and experience a fun time to either forget about the mental struggles they are dealing with for a moment in time or even hopefully enable them to experience something new that helps them engage in an activity in which allows them to adopt a new sense of hope!

How much does it cost?


Note From the Founder of Adrenaline for Vets, Inc, Matt Gorman. 

"My hope for AFV is that it becomes a program that can consistently provide fun and free trips for vets across the U.S. and create a well known community for vets to create a sense of belonging. Additionally, all of these efforts provide more sense of awareness and recognition towards mental challenges currently faced by vets."

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