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Eagle OPS

Call 918-600-1911

12324 E 86th ST N STE 254 Owasson, OK. 74055

Serving Oklahoma

What makes Eagle OPS unique?
Connecting Relationships & Resources To Bring Our Heroes Home, One Operation At A Time.
Rally Points: Operation Reach One More organized and hosted over 70 rally points throughout the year, serving as gathering points for service members, veterans, and their families. These rally points provided a platform for fostering connections, building friendships, and combating social isolation.
Serving the Military Community: The program successfully reached out to and served 1,637 service members, veterans, and their families through the rally points. By providing a welcoming and inclusive environment, Operation Reach One More aimed to create a supportive network and address the specific needs of the military community.

Combating Isolation and Loneliness: Recognizing the detrimental impact of isolation and loneliness on mental health, the program focused on organizing social opportunities at the rally points. These activities, such as group discussions, recreational events, and shared experiences, aimed to combat feelings of isolation and promote a sense of belonging within the military community.
Connecting to Community Resources: Operation Reach One More facilitated connections to various resources within the community. Participants were able to access resources such as housing assistance, job placement services, resume writing support, VA claims and benefits guidance, mental health services, and other vital community services. The program worked collaboratively with local organizations and volunteers to ensure participants received comprehensive support.

Comprehensive Support: Operation Reach One More aimed to address the holistic needs of service members, veterans, and their families. Beyond social opportunities, the program provided access to a wide range of resources, fostering personal and professional growth, improving overall well-being, and promoting successful post-service lives.

Suicide Prevention: By combatting isolation and providing social opportunities, Operation Reach One More contributed to suicide prevention efforts. The program recognized the importance of a supportive community and connectedness in reducing suicide rates among veterans, aiming to create an environment where individuals feel valued, supported, and connected.

Operation Reach One More, through its rally points and community connections, successfully served and connected with a significant number of service members, veterans, and their families. By addressing the social needs, connecting to community resources, and combatting isolation and loneliness, the program aimed to improve the overall well-being and quality of life for participants. Through its comprehensive approach, Operation Reach One More played a vital role in supporting the military community and promoting a sense of belonging and purpose, while addressing the pressing issue of veteran suicide.

Who Can Sign Up to Participate?:
Any service members, veterans, and/or their family members

How much does it cost to participate:
All Rally Point Activities are free to veterans.

What kind of activities are offered by the organization?
Our Weekly Social activities vary depending on the time of year however we have regular Rally Point Activities ranging from Shooting , hunting, fishing, fire-pit nights, Golfing, bowling, softball, cornhole, running, hiking, etc etc.

How long do the activities last?:
Varies with the Rally point from a few hours to overnighters.

Where do the veterans sign up to participate?: or

Does Eagle OPS have a calendar of events?:
All of their Rally Points are listed in chronological order via the "Events" tab on their Facebook page.

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